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The Extended Driving Test

I provide Driving lessons in Belfast for those taking the extended driving test in Belfast or for those who want training before taking the test at one of the other 3 centres.

Why an Extended Driving Test?

For certain driving offences the extended driving test is mandatory, for other offences it is at the discretion of the court. Purely based on my own experience the courts appear to be ordering the extended test on more occasions. I do not have the official figures but I am getting a lot more people who need to do an extended test than I used to.  

Why it makes a difference which test you need

As the extended driving test can only be taken in Belfast, Derry\Londonderry, Craigavon and Newry it is important you are familiar with the area your test will take place. You can do a certain amount of preparation locally but you need to practice in the area of the test to be familiar with local road layouts and traffic condition. I have met a number of people who only realised they needed an extended driving test when they tried to book a normal test at their local test centre. If you are required to do an extended driving test this should be shown on the paper part of your provisional license, so it is important that you check.  

About the extended driving test

The extended test is conducted in exactly the same way as a normal L test and involves exactly the same set exercises, no more and no less. The marking is to exactly the same standard, one serious or dangerous fault results in a fail and 15 driving faults is a pass 16 is a fail. The difference is the time the test lasts and the cost, the extended test will last twice as long as a normal L test about 70 minutes. As you should be able to work out if on a normal test you make 6 or 7 driving faults which is quiet common. Then on an extended test you are out for twice as long so 12 or 14 driving faults if you drive to the same standard, this means you are approaching the limit. So although the marking is the same you need to be driving at a standard which results in fewer mistakes.

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